Charles Millen Signature Fine Bone China Tableware Collection (VOGUE) – FLEUR


This collection of fine bone china tableware, FLEUR—under the leading luxury homeware brand, CHARLES MILLEN—was commissioned in celebration of Takashimaya’s Silver Jubilee.

Singapore’s beloved national flower, Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’, is one of the key orchids featured in the design. The Chinese phrase (卓越锦绣、万代不朽) has been used to describe the Vanda Miss Joaquim, a symbol of strength and tenacity of character that will stand up for generations and the passing of time. As such, it is apt that Takashimaya’s 25th year in Singapore is celebrated with the everlasting beauty and inspiring vitality of orchids.

Blue and white chinaware has been around for centuries and well-loved in eastern as well as western cultures. This beautiful cross-cultural appreciation is also one of the inspirations for FLEUR and the classy infusion of modern stylings with old traditions is the signature of CHARLES MILLEN’s VOGUE.

Like VOGUE’s current series of refined quality fine bone china tableware collections, FLEUR will exude a timeless elegance befitting the grandeur of Takashimaya’s jubilee celebrations.

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